We Believe That Your Space

Is Just As Important As Your Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting commercial real estate is often a clumsy and long process but it doesn’t have to be


For availability and costing please contact Cole

What's The Commitment?

Our Month to Month leases offers the flexibility of only 30 days notice to vacate the space.

Can I run a business?

Yes! Our business package includes essentials like:

. Bathroom + Stainless steel sink
. High speed internet access
. Sign on the building
. Garbage and cardboard removal
. Fire extinguisher

Business must be compatible with light Industrial zoning bylaws

Paper Work?

Blue Collar Garage & Storage is a tech forward company that offers the users the ability to review and sign the required lease forms online easily and quickly.

Extras Available?

The options to make the space your own are truly endless. Please contact us to find out more.

What's Included?

. Natural Gas
. 4x 110V plugins
. Operating costs for building

Want to reach out? Contact Us!